Chris is starting her 14th year at Montessori Academy this year, but is excited to be working for the first time with the Lower Elementary students. Chris finds it awesome to see how much the elementary program and the school has grown over the years! Chris graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science in Education from Elizabethtown College. Chris is certified to teach preschool through third grade. Chris received her Montessori training at the Institute of Advanced Montessori Studies in Silver Spring, Maryland. Chris lives in Hempfield with her husband Todd, and their two children. Lauren is 9 and is in fourth grade. They were fortunate that she was able to have a great educational start at Montessori Academy where she spent 5 years. Lauren keeps them busy with her activities (cheerleading, tumbling, flute, and Girl Scouts). They are blessed with a son, Logan, in February. Logan is such a joy and they are enjoying watching him grow and develop into his own little person. Lauren is a great helper and she and Logan adore one another. We are excited that Logan will have his start at the Academy next year. Outside of school, Chris enjoys reading, camping, hiking, scrapbooking, and volunteering at her church. Chris loves the Montessori philosophy because it is a very hands-on approach, and it is individualized to meet each child where he or she is. It allows the children to become more independent and well- rounded students. In a Montessori program, there is a lot of creativity, exposure to many new subjects, and there is an ability for children to follow their interests. Chris is looking forward to a fun year and learning with the students.


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