Karie is excited to be working with Olivia Nein this year. Karie’s Montessori experience began in 1992 when she had an internship in a Montessori classroom. Karie was amazed by the way children moved through the classroom completing purposeful work. Throughout the school year, Karie noticed the children gain self-confidence and independence through their work. Karie decided once she completed high school that she would become a Montessori certified teacher, which she did in 1996. Since then, Karie has had fantastic teaching opportunities with children ranging from age 2 ½ to 6th grade. The majority of Karie’s time has been in Primary classroom, however, Karie spent three years as an assistant in a 1st – 3rd grade classroom. Karie has been able to see in the Elementary classes just how important the Primary classroom foundation is. Karie loved watching the evolution of learning and how so many skills and concepts came together for the children. Perhaps more than that, Karie loved seeing the sense of community they developed and a curiosity for the world around them. Karie is married to a wonderful man named Sean. They have two children who attend MAL. Karie is originally from California and moved to Pennsylvania in October 2005.

Email: ms.karie@montlanc.com

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