The Girls on the Run curriculum offers many vital life lessons, including friendship, healthy habits, and of course running! Equally as important is having the girls participate in a service project, benefitting either their school community or local community. This offers the opportunity for the girls to

organize, plan, and participate in a project that benefits those in need. This year, the girls compromised (one of our lesson themes!) and voted on who they wanted to positively impact and in what capacity. They chose to create and collect care packages of items needed for underserved mothers and babies at the Milagro House, as well as adding their own personal MAL GOTR touch in making cards and baking cookies.

Because Girls on the Run very much aligns with the Montessori ideals of community, we figured why not involve and invite our own school community to participate and benefit an underprivileged community! Items on the Milagro House wish list include Wipes, Diapers of various sizes, and Kleenex. Girls on the Run team would  appreciate if our families would be willing to donate some of the items listed. The Girls on the Run team will have a box in front of Ms. Karen’s office this whole upcoming week for donation items.

All items are due by November 8th, and assembly will occur at our practice. It was beautiful watching the girls collaborate and come up with the logistics of this project – their passion, willingness, and excitement is contagious. We hope that you consider donating one or two items to their project!