Welcome to the Montessori Academy of Lancaster

Dear Parents,

Hope you are all staying safe, and healthy, both physically and emotionally. This pandemic has been such an interesting challenge for us to be socially distancing and remotely learning. We hope that you are finding small graces in spending more time with family, more time in nature, and appreciating the the little things we inadvertently take for granted during healthier times.

While the Montessori philosophy is based on hands-on learning, we are navigating with surprising enthusiasm in a virtual world. Our teachers are hosting online meetings with students of all ages where they read stories, sing songs, share show-and-tell, and talk about how we’re feeling as well as providing online resources for activities to do at home. Our elementary teachers are providing work-from-home assignments through Schoology, creating video lessons and sharing resources for parents to support their child(ren) at home while also hosting meetings to provide much needed social connection. And, even our toddlers, are getting online (with their parents, of course) doing sing-alongs and story-time with their teachers.  We’ve even got additional, free, supplemental courses with our librarian reading books, our art enrichment teacher providing art lessons, and one of our teachers offering a STEM/STEAM course! We hope to add even more as the weeks continue.

If you are already a member of our community, we thank you for your continued support and trust in us as we learn new ways to bring Montessori home to you. To any new families who are interested in joining our community, either now or for the next school year, please click on the Enroll Now below so we can welcome you, virtually for now, but hopefully in person very soon!

Karen Rubenstein
Head of School


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