Our Amazing Staff

Ms. Renee
Ms. Agapi
Ms. Jessi
Ms. Josie
Ms. Ely
Ms. Bhavna
Ms. Keiko
Ms. Tabitha
Ms. Kirsten
Ms. Kathy
Ms. Kate
Ms. Bailey
Ms. Meredith
Ms. Caitlin
Mr. Ben
Ms. Junko
Ms. Olivia
Ms. Jenny
Ms. Susanne
Ms. Julia
Ms. Jess
Ms. Jen
Mr. Donta’
Ms. Stacy
Ms. Cynitha
Ms. Chris
Ms. Grace
Ms. Selene
Ms. Jamie
Ms. Claire
Mr. Mason
Ms. Amy
Mr. Manny
Ms. Monica – Art & Music
Ms. Steph – Library
Ms. Karen – Head of School
Ms. Jen – Asst Head of School
Ms. Ann – Director of Finance
Ms. Deb – Office Manager Receptionist