Our School

Are you looking for a safe, caring, hands-on learning environment for your children? While the Montessori approach has been around for over 100 years, our programs have blended the best of traditional Montessori, with innovative learning practices. It only takes a few minutes on our sprawling campus to realize that we have something special! After a brief tour of our toddler, pre-school, and elementary classrooms, you can see the joy the children have in learning through peace education, concrete materials, collaborative age groups, and self-directed learning.

We are fortunate to have 10 acres of outdoor recreational space, plus a new, state-of-the-art, 6,000 square foot multi-purpose room, plus several thousand square feet of indoor classroom and learning spaces.

With enrollment for 2022-2023 very strong, we’re looking forward to our returning families joining us and some of the new friends we’ve made this year, too! We hope that you will become the next members of our growing, nurturing, supportive community. As the year progresses, we will watch and follow the latest updates on Covid procedures and guidelines for the coming year.

Built for Montessori Learning

The Montessori Academy was founded in 1982. Our current school facility was built in 1998 and was designed specifically for Montessori classroom needs. The Academy offers a nurturing and secure environment (in Manheim Township) on 10.5 acres of land. We have student-tended gardens and nature trails and are surrounded by farm life. We also have a beautiful outdoor playground area designed with safety in mind for the children, which includes several playhouses with various slides and interconnected swings.

Our Classrooms

The Montessori classroom is an exciting place. It is an enriched learning environment in which your children are free to act and develop, within a disciplined structure, guided by their own inner direction. In our classrooms there are hundreds of unique self-correcting teaching materials, which are handled by the children according to their ability levels. Each class is comprised of multi-age groups which span three age levels. This allows teachers to know their students’ learning styles well and also encourages a strong sense of community among children. The curriculum is a child-centered one with guidance and support from not only the teachers but from the child’s fellow classmates.

Montessori Programs

The Montessori classroom is an invigorating environment that will stimulate and satisfy your children. Real projects and real-life will fill their day. Your children will end each day tired but refreshed, challenged by the Montessori environment rather than fatigued by a traditional teacher-centered environment. We offer a variety of programs and schedules to fit you and your child’s individual needs for ages 18 months to 6th grade with half-day, full-day, early drop-off, and extended care programs. For toddlers, preschool, and elementary childhood education, please call 717-560-0815 or email director@montlanc.com for more information.